Laboratory ovens


High-tech systems for heating and drying of materials with an accurate and reliable run of individual processes, suitable for use in research, development, production, business activities, or for quality control. The sectional principle that applies to the design of laboratory ovens allows a wide range of optional equipment and accessories. The basic model is available – depending on the oven type – in volume size range from 22 to 1212 liters, with either natural or forced air circulation and possibility to connect the vacuum. The ovens are produced in two levels of operation comfort – ECO line and EVO line.


The parameters inside the unit chamber are monitored and documented with the help of a PC, using a special SW WarmComm (optional equipment).


The laboratory ovens line meets the requirements of reproducibility and accuracy of temperature distribution and other parameters in temperature boxes, derived form such quality standards like ISO 9000 or ISO/17025.

Our laboratory ovens comply with the requirements of operation in accredited or certified laboratories.

  • Chamber volume size: 22, 55, 111, 222, 404, 707 and 1212 liters
  • Temperature range: Form 5°C above the ambient temperature up to 250°C/300°C
  • Two lines of the basic control automatics: ECO line and EVO line
  • Wide range of optional equipment and accessories
  • Possibility of a printer or PC connection
  • Short delivery terms


The highest standard of processing, unique properties, safe operation procedures

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Drying ovens with natural air circulation

Natural Air Circulation

The principle of operation is based on a fine gravity air convection in a an electrically heated chamber of the unit. A two jacket design of the chamber and an automatic control unit ensure a homogenous temperature profile in the chamber, precise course of processes and short recovery time (return to the preset temperature) after door opening. This line of drying ovens is characterized by its economical operation. It is suitable for simple process of drying and heating of common materials. The units work noiseless.






A line of economical drying ovens with a wide temperature range, precise and reliable course of simple drying and heating processes.

The line ECOCELL is characterized by a noiseless run and a fine air streaming within the useful space.


  • Internal dim. of the chamber:  22, 55, 111, 222, 404, 707 liters
  • Working temperaure: 5 °C above ambient temperature up to  250 °C/300 °C
  • Interior:  stainles steel, mat No.1.4301 (AISI 304)

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A special line DUROCELL with a highly resistant coating of EPOLON that protects the inner stainless steel surfaces from aggressive agents, such as acids and liquors. These units enable an optimal tempering of materials. They are ideal for acid and basic hydrolysis, extraction through incombustible substances and decomposition of substances at a solid phase.

  • Internal dim. of the chamber: 22, 55, 111, 222 liters
  • Workingtemperature: 5 °C above ambient temperature up to 125 °C
  • Interior:  stainles steel, mat No.1.4301 (AISI 304)

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Drying ovens with forced air circulation

Forced Air Circulation The principle of operation is based on a patented fine air ventilation via fan in an electrically heated chamber. The patented thermodynamic system – thermal screw – ensures creation of a homogenous air stream that spirally rises inside the working chamber. Due to the natural tempering from the bottom up this process simulates nature processes and ensures both an optimal heating of materials and a high precision of the temperature profile in the chamber with minimum energy consumption. Through the system of air convection in the rear and side walls these units ensure a homogenous hot air mixture and an exact temperature profile.





The line VENTICELL, due to its patented system of forced air circulation, ensures a homogenous temperature profile for all drying and heating processes. A higher quickness and preciseness of all tempering processes guarantee an economical operation. These units are suitable especially for materials with high humidity.


  • Internal dim. of the chamber: 22, 55, 111, 222, 404, 707 litres
  • Working temperature: 10 °C above ambient temperature up to 250 °C / 300 °C
  • Interior:  stainles steel, mat No.1.4301 (AISI 304)

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Vakuum drying ovens

Drying in vacuumThe principle of operation is based on vacuum drying with the possibility of chamber air extrusion by inert gas. An electrically heated stainless steel chamber enables precise heating and drying of samples up to a constant mass. The standard equipment also includes an integrated duct with the diameter of 40 mm, an inert gas connection and a needle valve for fine dosing. For a case of internal overpressure the unit is provided with a safety door valve ”Ventiflex”.






A vacuum drying with the possibility of chamber air extrusion by inert gas is offered by the line VACUCELL that can be used not only for heat labile and oxidation sensitive substances (powder, granulates, …) but also for pieces with hardly accessible openings and threads. These units are ideal for drying of samples up to a constant mass. They are to be used especially in the sphere of plastics processing, in pharmaceutical, chemical, electrical and other industries.


  • Internal dim. of the chamber: 22, 55, 111 litres
  • Working temperature ECO: 5 °C above ambient temperature up to 200°C
  • Working temperature EVO: 5 °C above ambient temperature up to 250/300°C
  • Door window
  • Integrated duct for sensors etc. (40 mm)
  • Needle valve for fine dosing
  • Pressure ressistant inner chamber
  • Safety valve-door VENTIFLEX
  • Interior:  stainles steel, mat No.1.4571 (AISI 316)

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