Large steam sterilizers

  • safe, reliable and economical
  • chamber volume from 73 to 1490 liters
  • microprocessor control, simple and clear operation
  • wide offer of sterilization programs
  • working temperature: 105 °C to 134 °C
  • individual job-order manufacture


An integral line of large steam sterilizers for laboratory, pharmacy, chemical and food processing industry applications. The sterilization effect is achieved by means of saturated water steam, at the specified temperature, pressure and the sterilization exposure time. There are usually the temperatures of 121 °C and 134 °C used with the sterilization exposure time from 4 to 60 minutes according to the character of the application. The actual process takes place in a closed pressure chamber made of stainless steel. The units comply with all requirements of the European standard EN 285+A2 and other related standards. The pressure chamber and the steam generator are made of stainless steel (DIN 1.4571, AISI 316 Ti).

Two-microprocessor control (Master - Slave), separated process of sterilization cycle control and recording, wide offer of programs incl. service programs are only a brief characteristic of these modern devices. Checking and archiving of sterilization protocols is possible, as a standard, by means of a printer. The devices can be connected to a PC or a PC net for modern and clear displaying of cycle protocols and safe archiving them on the hard disc. The software Ecosoft allows to make the wrapping of instruments more effective and offers the possibility to monitor and archive the process of wrapping, sterilization and use of instruments.




The compact multipurpose steam sterilizer UNISTERI HP IL with the chamber volume of 73 liters represents the new generation of sterilizers complying, without exception, with requirements of standards and of operating staff. The sterilizers UNISTERI HP IL are suitable for sterilization of all instruments, materials, textile, rubber and plastics designed to be sterilized by steam both in medicine and for cultivation of nutrient cultures and sterilization of solutions in the field of laboratories and industry.

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STERIVAP HP IL is the representative of a new generation of big steam sterilizers meeting without exception the basic EU technicallegislative rules.

The latest modularly built STERIVAP HP IL sterilizer is suitable for the microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnology and waste decontamination area. The steam sterilizers are intended for sterilization of solid objects without liquids content, liquid sterilization – solutions, cultural and boiling soils, suspensions and emulsions, liquid medical forms; steam decontamination.

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