Sterivap HP IL 12622 - 2 (2020 litres)

  • volume 2 020 litres (28 STJ)
  • double door type
  • horizontal sliding door
  • system for manual loading of materials or system of transport and charging carriages
  • Stainless steel facing sheets according to individual requirements
  • suitable for laboratories, chemical, food industry and pharmaceutical industry

Technical data

Chamber volume

Number of sterilization modules

Dimensions (height × width × depth)


Max input / fuses

Consumption max. per ster. cycle

Noise level max. 78 dB.
* Model FD – steam of central source.
** Model ED – own integrated steam generator
*** The dimensions are not standardized for the container system

Changes in the design and make reserved.
The values may differ depending on specific charge and media parameters.

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