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The highest standard of processing, unique properties, safe operation procedures

The highest standard of processing

  • sive external paneling, valuable inner space, corrosion resistant stainless steel built in pieces ensure a long service life
  • well-thought-out with respect to the environment – all parts  are recyclable, thermal and noise emissions are reduced to minimum due to a perfect conception and insulation
  • worked-out door mechanics, space saving door opening by 90° minimizes space demands, also a left door opening is available on request
  • economical with continual operation – compact design  with easily accessible power and supply parts minimizes


Unique properties, safe operation procedures

  • Two line of control system
    ... the vesatile ECO Line with microprocessor control unit
    ... the high-tech EVO Line with multi-functional microprocessor kontrol unit
    - controls the funcion of the unit itself, ensures the communication with users, eventually with a printer and a computer
    - with a series of standard programs for a varirety of materials to be tempered and dried

  • Fuzzy – Logic
    for volume optimized regulation precisess, controls the chamber temperature precisely and without overshoot for the preset value

  • PT 100 sensor
     for keeping precise values

  • Safety thermostat
    protects the oven, its environment and processed material against an inadmissible overtemperature

  • RS 232 interface
    for printer enables a central numerical and graphical documentation through
    a printer or data transfer - communication software WarmComm

    special software WarmComm
    offers a high effective communication equipment for data storing

Operation comfort

  • simple and comfortable operation, clear control and check elements on a ”smile” panel
  • large volumes of units are provided with wheels and brakes for easy manipulation
  • inner chamber arrangement enables rearranging of sieves or shelves to process materials with various sizes for the best possible utilization of the inner space
  • practical positioning of the air flap lever (suction and exhaust flap) a practical handle that enables an easy door opening even with elbow
  • easily removable inner paneling for easy maintence
  • doors with window and internal illumanation enable a continuous monitoring of material without thermal losses
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