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VACUCELL 22 EVO lineQuick, cost-saving, ecological

A vacuum drying with the possibility of chamber air extrusion by inert gas is offered by the line VACUCELL that can be used not only for heat labile and oxidation sensitive substances (powder, granulates, …) but also for pieces with hardly accessible openings and threads. These units are ideal for drying of samples up to a constant mass. They are to be used especially in the sphere of plastics processing, in pharmaceutical, chemical, electrical and other industries.

  • Internal dim. of the chamber: 22, 55, 111 litres
  • Working temperature ECO: 5 °C above ambient temperature up to 200°C
  • Working temperature EVO: 5 °C above ambient temperature up to 250/300°C
  • Door window
  • Integrated duct for sensors etc. (40 mm)
  • Inert gas connection
  • Needle valve for fine dosing
  • Pressure ressistant inner chamber
  • Safety valve-door VENTIFLEX
  • Interior:  stainles steel, mat No.1.4301 (AISI 316)


Basic design components

Self-supporting outer jacket made of galvanized steel sheet with hard and resistant baking varnish on the outer side. The inner single-jacket chamber with shelves is made of thick-wall stainless steel (DIN 1.4571, AISI 316 Ti). The door panel is made of large-area safety glass with a plastic foil, that enables to monitor processes in the chamber and serves as a large-area overpressure valve. For the purpose of energy saving and minimizing the heat radiated to the ambient air the chamber is perfectly insulated with an ecological insulating material. The inner walls of the chamber can be easily removed without using any tool, e.g. for the purpose of cleaning. On top of that the chamber has a continuously adjustable air flap and inner glass door. The door is secured at four points for perfect tightening. The standard equipment consists of integrated duct with the diameter of 40 mm, inert gas connection and needle valve.

Changes in the design and make reserved.



Product series description

The series VACUCELL is suitable for perfect drying of thermolabile and oxidation-sensitive materials, complicated components, for drying of samples up to a constant mass etc. in vacuum. These devices are suitable for plastic processing, in electrical engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The series VACUCELL is characterized by noiseless run and soft heating of samples in the chamber and offers high-quality and save heating and drying of samples up to a constant mass. Therefore it is suitable for perfect and safe tempering and drying not only of thermolabile, oxidation-sensitive or powder-like materials in laboratories, but also of complicated articles with many holes and threads in industry. The series VACUCELL offers high operation comfort and precise control and therefore it is suitable for demanding and precise tests and processes. The devices VACUCELL can be, on request, completed by the box “Vacustation” without or inclusive the selected type of vacuum pump. The devices VACUCELL meet requirements of technical-legislative regulations in CZ and EU.

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