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Estonia – the Promised Land of Heating Technology

Heat Technology in Estonia

Estonia is known all over the world as the country of origin of Skype, the country where one can vote online and pay by his/her identity card. But for us, the most important feature is the fact that Estonia is one of the countries where we are a leader of the heating technology market ...

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Unique Contract for Thermal Engineering for MUHC Montreal

MUHC Montreal

Following year-lasting negotiations, demanding manufacture and final installation in Montreal, 82 pieces of CO2 incubators CO2CELL were handed over in March 2015. These are applied in new halls of the largest hospital in Montreal ...

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ARABLAB 2015 – with our participation again

MUHC Montreal

As well as each other year, we had the possibility of our products presentation at the Arablab trade fair in Dubai even this year. Reaching nearly one thousand of participants, Arablab confirmed again that it has developed from a ...

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